Company accreditation’s and policies

Dutton Scaffolding Services Limited provide design and installation of scaffold systems working to NASC TG20:13. Based in the South East, we serve the London, the Home Counties and beyond.
This environmental policy establishes our commitments to environment protection and to the prevention of pollution, and to take action to:-
⦁ Limit resource use and reduce waste.
⦁ Avoid or reduce pollution and loss of habitat.
⦁ Avoid or reduce direct and indirect effects on the public and local community from our operations and activities.
⦁ At least comply with the legal and other requirements
⦁ Continually improve our performance
To ensure compliance, we shall implement, maintain and continually improve an environmental management system within the operation of our business. We will:-

⦁ Plan our work to reduce environmental impacts and promote sustainability.
⦁ Ensure that in the procurement of equipment that we consider environmental sustainability.
⦁ Act as a Considerate Contractor.
⦁ Manage our sites and own premises in line with good environmental practice.
⦁ Provide all employees with the resources, information and training available to fulfil their requirements for the implementation of this environmental policy.
⦁ Create clear and effective lines of communication to the public and other interested parties to our commitment to deliver our environmental policy.
⦁ Stipulate compliance from suppliers and contractors we use or employ so that they operate within the principles of this policy.
⦁ Plan for emergency situations and ensure that if they occur we can control them.
⦁ Monitor our activities on site to ensure that we are complying with the above policy.

We will set suitable environmental objectives in line with the above policy, and shall monitor them through management review processes.

This Policy Statement shall be displayed in the office, issued to individuals as part of their induction and provided to sub-contractors and others on request.

I, as Director, shall review the effectiveness and adequacy of this policy on an annual basis and following any changes to company activity, legal changes or environmental incident.

Signed on behalf of Dutton Scaffolding Services Limited:



18.05.10 RIQS Audit Cert # 206759-1
18.05.10 RIQS Audit Cert # 206759-2




19.01.23 CHAS-1


PS01 Quality Policy-1

PS01 Quality Policy-2


PS02 Health and Safety Policy 170926-1